MSG Payment logo_PMS MSG Payment Systems, 18-year AFCP member, provides credit card and ACH payment processing solutions for the publishing industry. We streamline

operations with a suite of solutions, including software integration and virtual terminal.

The MSG Payment Systems virtual terminal is a secure, cloud-based portal where users can accept credit card and ACH/electronic check payments anywhere, anytime.

Core Features Include:

–          Software Integration: Process payments directly in your software (including AccountScout and Community Advertising System) to save time on manual procedures and bookkeeping.

–          Recurring payments: Automatically charge customers on a recurring basis for a specific time interval. Perfect for customers on subscription plans.

–          Vault: Secure, PCI-compliant credit card and bank account data storage.

–          Fraud protection: A suite of fraud protection tools proven to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.

–          QuickClick: Quickly and easily customize a secure online form for customers to submit a payment. The form can be distributed by sending a link or embedding a button on your website.

–          Mobile & Tablet Processing: Use select Android and Apple devices to accept credit card payments.

Our goal is to help grow your business by providing payment solutions that streamline operations and minimize expenses. For more information or to request your free cost analysis, contact our team at 888-697-8831 or, or visit


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