Circulation Verification Council

CVCCirculation Verification Council (CVC) is an independent, third-party reporting audit company specializing in community newspapers, shoppers, niche publications and electronic editions. A CVC audit covers printing, distribution, circulation and readership studies, using the industry’s most thorough and accurate methodology.

Who is CVC?

As a reporting audit company, CVC doesn’t make the rules. We simply report the facts. Our stringent methodology and experienced staff ensure that the numbers we report offer a true picture of a publication, its readers and its market. These high standards benefit publishers and advertising decision makers alike.

Publishers find CVC to be a strategic business partner who provides valuable, objective information on their publications. Advertising decision makers know CVC is an impartial and trusted source for information on an ever-changing industry.

It’s About THE DATA

Without accurate information; a publication audit isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. That’s why CVC audits ensure that the most relevant, up-to-date data is always reflected in our reports. Since 1992, we’ve been applying the most thoroughly progressive standards to audit processes of a wide range of print publications. Everything we do is designed to ensure that our database is the most current and accurate in the industry.


Unlike many audit companies, CVC utilizes a three-tiered audit process that assures the accuracy, reliability and integrity of our results. Experienced CVC auditors, field audits in individual markets, phone surveys and extensive reviews of publication records combine to deliver dependable audit results.

A CVC audit is performed with a system of checks and balances that gives both publishers and advertising decisions makers a fair and honest look at the circulation and readership of individual publications across the country.

Promoting your Audit

With a CVC audit you will gain the knowledge needed to better position yourself against competitors for advertising revenue, and you will be able to arm media buyers and advertisers with the numbers they need to buy with confidence. We will also teach you how to promote your audit so that you can achieve the biggest return on your investment.  Our free webinar training session and Audit Handbook will show you how best promote your CVC audit. Call or visit our website today for more information!

For more information please call Tim Bingaman or Jim Kennedy at 800-262-0666, or e-mail them at or

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