PCF logoFor over 30 years, PCF has been the proven leader in all operational aspects of print distribution for some of the country’s major newspapers. As one  

of the largest home delivery and distribution service providers in the United States, PCF helps publications of all sizes reduce costs, expand or maintain their delivery footprint, and stabilize service to improve subscriber retention. With PCF as a partner, publishers can offload daily operational headaches, and refocus resources on managing results and pursuing growth.

Beyond Delivery Services, PCF now offers Technology and Consulting Solutions to distribution operations anywhere in the country. From problem solving to best practices, PCF has the unrivaled depth of knowledge and expertise needed to successfully support print distribution operations in today’s ever changing landscape.

PCF offers a broad range of services and solutions to support growth and operational efficiency.

1.        Delivery Services include a range of scalable, affordable delivery options, serving a wide range of printed media – including dailies, weeklies, newspapers, magazines, free publications, Sunday Select and more.  PCF serves more delivery options than ever, including single copy and bulk, total market coverage, select market coverage, zoned delivery, and of course, traditional home delivery.

2.        Technology Solutions helps you minimize expenses and maximize revenue through quick and easy multi-pub route management, contractor management and delivery verification – available anywhere in the country through a cloud-based environment.

3.        Consulting Solutions provide the analyses and strategies needed for profitable, sustainable print distribution operations.

These affordable solutions are designed to help publishers quickly and efficiently meet their on-going distribution needs, while opening the door for additional revenue opportunities.

Call 1-877-PCF-6668 to find out more or visit us at http://www.pcfcorp.com

Hear what one of our Technology Solutions clients has to say about our services:

“PCF Technology Solutions provide a comprehensive distribution system that aggregates, organizes and harmonizes all of our data from any location, saving us countless hours. With PCF, we have consolidated information at all of our locations from a single web site and easily get accurate information to the correct distribution center and contractor.

The application’s route management tools also provide effective and efficient ways to manage our routes and react to day to day challenges quickly, accurately, and with minimal effort.

Since utilizing PCF’s Technology Solution we are currently using about one-fourth the paper that we had previously used when printing delivery lists from multiple Circulation systems.

Finally, it has been easy to work with the PCF team.  They listened to us and helped resolve any issue we had when migrating to their new system.  We believe they have become an extended part of our team and they are a welcome addition.” –  Jennifer Thaine, Senior Assistant Manager of RSI.

Roy Dunn 973-248-5083


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