SiteSwan Website Builder

SiteSwan – With the first ever website builder that
was designed specifically for local print publishers, SiteSwan lets you design and maintain websites for any small business quickly, easily, and profitably. It literally takes minutes to create beautiful, efficient and affordable websites for your advertisers and local businesses.
The market potential for web design and redesign for small businesses is huge and extremely profitable and now print publishers can finally tap in. SiteSwan allows you to utilize your current staff and doesn’t require any additional resources or tech know-how to build beautiful websites. Leverage your relationship with current advertisers, discover new clients and build a recurring revenue stream with huge margins. Publishers typically earn $300 – 800 upfront and an additional $50-85/ month, per website they build. Their cost…only $6/ month per site, with no upfront fees. AMAZING!
Justin Gerena
P.O. Box 704
N. Bellmore, NY 11710
888-592-3212 x710
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