Hometown Mobile Marketing

Like you, we are a newspaper publisher. We have 11 free weekly newspapers  and 4 direct mail coupon books in Metropolitan Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Like you, we want our newspapers to make more money. Newspaper advertising sales are not what they used to be, and we cannot expect change or increased revenue if we keep doing things the same way.

This is where we can help. We’ve been selling Text Message Coupons to our newspaper advertisers, which is generating a substantial amount of revenue for us and also driving more customers to our advertisers. They are happy and we are even happier.

Hometown Mobile Marketing  would like to share our expertise with you and help your newspapers sell Mobile Coupons. We offer:

* NO set-up fee.
* A turn-key platform branded for you.
* On-site and virtual training.
* Four-legged sales calls to get you started.
* Your customers have the capability to design and manage their own campaign.
* YOU earn the revenue.

Is 20 minutes of your time worth the amount of revenue you can create by offering Text Message Coupons to your customers? Please contact us today for a 20 minute webinar to learn more about a product that is revolutionizing the way we sell advertising. To learn more, please contact us at:




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